Sunday, August 10, 2014

Namecoin must and will survive

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  DNS systems isn't that complicated as it may seem. Many still may not know Namecoin, but that doesn't affect its survival, because it is Open Source, because there is a community of supporters, because the whole project is one of the kind among the other forks and because it is based on the most fittest technology: the blockchain! Remember this: even if there is 1 person on the Earth who have the copy of Namecoin's blockchain (even if it is the latest copy on the Earth), it will survive, and you will be able to recover all of the domain names from that copy! Last time I've checked the size of Namecoin blockchain, it was 1.87 GB. Is that meant to be something to save on your local disk?

   But mostly because you can't make mistake when you are choosing your domain. And because you can't choose mediocre technology. Any service which allows uncertainty is miserable. I can't guarantee that my domain at dot com won't be raided by someone more powerful in financial means than me. Nobody will give you any warranty about reliability of .com. This is for you, if your project matters to you, this is for you if you want to be 100% sure about your fate. Why fate? Because for some people their project is their fate. And believing in your business is healthy thinking. If your project is miserable, then you'll be better shopping around any domain like .com or any others available on the net from $10.

   But is it so hard to use Namecoin... Really? $3 is hard for you? Really? No, you must be kidding if you are still sitting here, coming from subreddit and reading this lines and haven't heard anything about web-sites offering cheap .bit domains with No Trust Required! All you need is just grab your Namecoin private key and visit one of web-site offering .bit and choose your domain.

   Ok, but how about adoption - you're really worried about how smart your customers must be to adopt .bit services? Is it that hard for you to put a tutorial on your web-site and teach your customers to change their DNS once and forever? Isn't it would be a better world if everyone would had Namecoin DNS setup by default?

How fast desired future will come? Its up to you.



  1. Nice thoughts. Only the last point is not so simple... but I hope this will come soon.. :)