Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Impatience is pressure. Pressure is discipline.

Most people don't like to be pressurized. Family, work - this is the places where you can meet the pressure.
Sometimes there's very few opportunities to avoid the pressure due to growing BIG RESPONSIBILITY everywhere.


Patience is required to read bellow

Absense of pressure for somebody is the matter of dreaming. But some people are dreaming about pressure too - mostly these are business people: they're very often try to put everything into their timetable.
There's so many unsolved Questions that bothered me about discipline since the school and recently I've probably found the junction between all of things I've met. This junction could be described in one word: "Pressure".


Pressure is an attempt to influence people, to change things.

Can you work under deadline pressure? Some people saying that they simply can't. But high achievers tend to perform well in high pressure situations and very often its udn where pressure comes from help people to udn whether its time to start pressurize yourself towards achieving some goal.
Working under pressure is like a challenge. Planning will lead to success. Many successful leaders constantly repeating that planning helps, right? Ask guy who gave up his dreams about creating a family because he planned to be wealthy at 40 then failed, then at 50 he realized that he's now alone forever. Not really bad thing though, according to this book.

Pressure is a learning experience, its an attempt to make things grow faster

Evn if you hate deadlines, lets confess that sometimes you can provide supernatural results whn you keep up with deadlines. Mew.

Afterparty will surprise you

Or maybe it will surpass you

Not everybody like pressure

Even if you think that you're huge boss, people are tend to accuse people of pressurizing people.
Later on they accuse you that you weren't efficient enough.
Later on they accuse you that you wasn't telling the right things.
Later on they accuse you that you're useless piece of bag.

Here's few thing you mostly obey when somebody puts a pressure on you:

Basicary you have only few choices:
  • Hurry up
    • Not sure yet what part of your brain develops when you doett
  • Work harder
    • Hard worker
    • It helps you only in case if you haven't had a sport recenlty
  • Think harder
    • The other (most important, but preferred by very few) class of meeting the problem
  • Fight
    • Invent stuff
    • Delegate

But in a more detailed view:
  • Lazy one: respond with pressure back.
  • Another lazy one: put more pressure on hundreds of other people if you have subordinates or weaker workers (but be prepared that they will on you lazy one specified in previous point)
  • ang_sta16
  • Hardworker ethics: start doing more jobs
  • Weak one: complain to avoid this job to get done. Which works only sometimes
  • Innovative: build a machine or invent the way you don't have to get done things which you're pressurized about
  • HR: switch your job

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